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Published the first photos of iPhone components 8 front and rear glass panels, dual camera

Insiders continue to regularly put new information about the upcoming release of the iPhone 8. A well-known blogger Benjamin Gaskin got their hands on from trusted, he claims, sources photos of parts for the new smartphone. This is the first leak of the components have not yet been presented officially iPhone 8.

In the pictures we see the front and back of the smartphone and dual cameras. Therefore, the iPhone 8 will receive a frame made of stainless steel, and the back of the device Apple made of glass. In conjunction with the left place under the inductor on the schematic image, it shows the implementation in the device wireless charging technology.

IPhone components 8 are of particular interest, as they explain some controversial moments. First of all, we don’t see on the back of the fingerprint scanner. In may, the CLSA analysts argued that Apple and Samsung tried to place dactyloscopy under the surface of the display in their flagship, but supposedly the technology is still not Mature enough for commercial application. According to the current leakage, of the Corporation from Cupertino managed to do it. Samsung, by the way, I had to place this item on the rear panel of the Galaxy S8 and many users were dissatisfied with the location of the scanner.

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The second important point in the front. The display of the iPhone 8 will indeed be frameless and will occupy almost the entire front panel of the smartphone. From the top you can see a small box, which features the earpiece, front-facing 3D camera, proximity sensor and other sensors.

Dual vertical camera with led flash, which is present in the photos, is designed to empower the iPhone 8 at the part of the work with augmented reality.

According to analysts, the iPhone 8 might be the most expensive smartphone in the history of Apple. If you focus on the data sources, cost model of the new generation will be about $1000. Given the regional margin, price iPhone 8 in our country may be on the order of 80-90 thousand rubles.

The expectations of experts say that the new smartphone will be revolutionary in many ways. The company has redesigned the design of the iPhone and set it on the OLED display without a frame.

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