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Published “spy” photo of the rear cover iPhone 6s Plus of durable aluminum 7000 series

The authors of the Chinese resource FutureSupplier claim that was at the disposal of parts of the iPhone 6s. More precisely, the part of the body — the back cover. Reportedly, components belong to a version of the “Apple” of your device with a screen size of 5.5 inches.

In the cover for the iPhone 6s Plus you can see the hole for the logo, camera and flash. Judging by the number of holes, the smartphone will be used one camera, not two, as previously thought. As the authors of the gallery, the shell of the new Apple flagship is made of a more durable alloy. “Cover iPhone 6 Plus seems more smooth than the iPhone 6s Plus, but the iPhone 6s Plus more strong,” the company said.

“Inside the most significant change compared to the iPhone 6 Plus is the location of the holes for the screws. On the left you can see the back cover of the iPhone 6s Plus with mounting module dynamics. It will be a little bigger than the iPhone 6s Plus, which involves the upgrade of this component,” he added in FutureSupplier.

According to sources, the iPhone 6s Plus will be made of aluminum 7000 – series aluminum alloy with zinc. This material is 60% stronger than traditional aluminum alloys. Despite the low weight of such material, it has up to a third of the density of stainless steel.

New case material and improved speaker will not be the only innovation in the iPhone 6s. Earlier it was reported that displays in new phones will use Force Touch technology, giving the touch surface sensitivity. Force Touch already found application in the smart watch Apple and the trackpad of a MacBook and MacBook Pro.

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As for the official presentation of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, it is expected that Apple will announce their new products at a special conference in September.

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