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Published photos of “smart” watches with round screen, may be Apple Watch 2

According to the spread information, the announcement of the second generation of “smart” clock Apple Watch is due to be held already in March at a special event during which will also present 4-inch iPhone 5e. Today, the sources of the resource Gizmochina published online photos of a smart watch, which, as approved, represent the “Apple” novelty. The device resembles the design of the original model of the Apple Watch, but are characterized by the presence of a round display.

The similarities depicted in the picture of the device with the Apple Watch is not limited to the style of the body design, buttons and strap, but also extends to the user interface of the product. The key difference of the gadget is in the form of the display. Although analysts mentioned Apple’s plans to change the shape of its future smart watches, this change would be quite unexpected. First, such a device may be compatibility issues with existing apps for the Apple Watch. In addition, Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive has repeatedly stated that the rectangular case is preferable for wearable devices.

It is worth to note that in the bottom of the screen anticipated Apple Watch 2, you can see something like the Home button, which is absent in the first generation of smart watches. Therefore the device may not be quite the Apple Watch 2, and somehow a clone of one of the Chinese manufacturers.

At this point we know that Quanta, the head of which in November last year confirmed that the watch is in development, plans to proceed to production of the Apple Watch 2 to the end of January. However, it is only a trial production, and not on mass.

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As for the timing of the start of serial production of the Apple Watch 2, they are still unknown to us. According to rumors from the supply chains of the company, the second generation of smart hours Apple will get more thin case, new straps, and will also differ by the presence of cameras and new sensors.

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