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Published photos of a prototype iPad first generation

On the eve of the announcement of a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro is well-known blogger Sonny Dickson posted photos of a prototype first-generation iPad. The company has long ceased production of this model and now the device can be purchased except with it.

According to the blogger, the images were made in January 2010 – three months before the official presentation of the device. On the back side of the iPad 1 shows the group numbers Apple Development Team responsible for the development and Assembly of the tablet.

The prototype looks almost the same as the first Apple tablet. That the question in this case is a preliminary model that specifies several factors. First, the “frame” around the logo hole on the back cover, which hides the connectors for the antenna.

On the cover there are several factory designations that correspond to the manufacturers of each component, as well as the decals and two of the serial number of the prototype.

According to Dixon, the device was discovered in the Bay area. It was encased in a thick metal casing that hides the appearance of the device. On the iPad running a full version of the test operating system SwitchBoard.

In the future Apple will release several modifications of the device, but it all started with this prototype.

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