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Published photo of the first iPhone produced in India

Apple launched the iPhone in India. The photo of the first devices off the Assembly line on the territory of this country, was published by the Indian Express.

The iPhone SE assembled in the factory of the Taiwanese company Wistron Corp., which is located in the Indian state of Karnataka in southern India. Directed retail party is a trial, so to find in local stores iPhone marked “Assembled in India” on the cover is still quite problematic.

The price collected in India iPhone SE does not differ from the prices of smartphones of the Chinese Assembly, specifies the edition. Earlier it was reported that Indian officials were counting on a price of 220 dollars, which is $ 100 below the current price.

iPhone SE the 4-inch screen is the cheapest Apple smartphone, however, it is not yet available to the majority of the people of India. Average price of a smartphone in the country is $150. For this reason, the market share of Apple in India did not rise above 3% in 2012.

The beginning of sales collected in India iPhone has been delayed. Apple originally planned to launch in mid-may.

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