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Psychologist: to give the child an iPad equivalent mistreated him

Most parents believe that the child is bad at all, especially that which is of natural origin. For example, tablets that don’t grow on trees and which in childhood was not even the very young parents. How to relate to the fact that children from the earliest years of using the iPad and similar devices? They are useful for children or, conversely, cause the child harm?

To give the child at an early age iPad equivalent of cruel treatment with him, says British psychologist at the University of Winchester Richard house. In his view, these devices are harmful, unnecessary and inappropriate gadgets for children at an early age.

House is alarmed about the increasing propensity of children to the screens. Giving your child the tablet, “parents are playing Russian roulette with his development”. Digital images are misleading, distorted perception of the world, depriving a child of real human communication. It is wrong to give a child a tablet, load it into the virtual world, when he just started to learn about the world.

With the approval of the psychologist agrees to the American Association of pediatricians — doctors do not recommend children under 2 years in principle the use of electronic devices, including watching TV.

Not so long ago in American society, a scandal erupted — outraged parents of a social movement Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood filed a petition against Fisher-Price, which is selling high chairs with built-in stand for iPad. According to the head motion of Dr. Susan Lynn, for the normal development of the child with him to chat, play and take hands — immobile sitting in front of the screen of the tablet is harmful. Therefore, Fisher-Price needs to stop selling this furniture.

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On the other hand, many believe that children need for healthy development of diverse experience. So there is nothing wrong if the child for a while, you will conduct with your smartphone or tablet. In the end, it is in the world with a huge number of consumer electronics it is necessary to live.

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