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Protective glass for iPhone Back button style Android on Kickstarter has collected 10 times more than needed

Startup Haloband who have successfully completed the project of innovative protective glasses for the iPhone, announced the start of sales accessory. Designed for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the device allows you to control the smartphone with one hand, providing users with the “Back” button on Android smartphones.

The developers call their product “the world’s first smart protective” glass, which has a separate capacitive channel in the bottom left. When the user clicks on this area, it transmits a signal in the upper left corner of the screen of the iPhone, where most apps there is a button to return to the previous screen.

Of course, if in some of next updates of the platform, Apple decides to change the UI, then this glass will cease to be smart. In this case, just Back Halo will continue to protect the iPhone screen against scratches, and drops.

The developers emphasize that the accessory does not reduce touch sensitivity, color reproduction and image quality. Back in Halo uses a special technology so that it precisely fits the contours of the surface to be protected and does not spoil the appearance of the iPhone.

Developers are more than 10 times exceeded the target fundraising on Kickstarter, getting nearly $250,000 investment. At the time of collection pre-orders of Halo Back was worth $17, now, after the start of sales for the accessory asking $49.

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