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PROMT has released an extension for instant translation of messages in iMessage

PROMT released a plugin for translation in the messenger iMessage. The extension lets you instantly translate the messages without switching between applications.

According to research by the international human rights organization Amnesty International, the iMessage service is recognized as one of the safest channels for the transmission of messages. Apple users with its help communicate with the owners of phones with other OS using iMessage as a regular channel message transfer, and the owners of iOS devices, connecting additional plug-ins.

PROMT plug-in for iMessage allows you to translate incoming and outgoing messages without switching between applications. In the case of already installed mobile applications PROMT Translate.Ru or PROMT Offline you only need to add the extension directly to iMessage.

Users have access to the translation from 15 languages and 15 subjects for a more accurate end result. Translation of incoming messages using PROMT for iMessage is done automatically after copying text to the clipboard and displayed in a popup window right in the app. The result can be heard. For translation of outgoing messages you can use the microphone in compact mode or keyboard in extended mode.

The plugin allows you to work in two interfaces. Compact located at the bottom of iMessage and includes icons fast translations of incoming messages copied to the clipboard, select the language pair, voice input, call the help window and bring up the keyboard to navigate in the advanced interface and set outgoing message.

Advanced interface reveals the entire screen of the mobile device and has the two-window mode with the ability to customize not only the language pair, but the area of translation, as well as a keyboard for entering outgoing messages. After writing a message, the plugin switches to compact mode.

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