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Promsvyazbank launched a support payment system Apple Pay

Cardholders of Mastercard PSB has become available payment system Apple Pay. This is stated in the message of the credit organization.

“Connecting Apple Pay is one of the most anticipated launches for our clients. Sure that the service will be in demand, and projected use of active services from the card holders of PSB. To make a purchase in one touch while Jogging, traveling in a taxi or on the Internet without entering a dozen numbers and verification codes has become the norm,” said Algirdas Ekmanis, Vice President, head of unit “Digital business” PSB.

When you add a debit or credit card to Apple Pay it is stored on the device nor on Apple servers. Instead, it is assigned a unique number, device account, which is encrypted and stored on the user’s smartphone. Each transaction is authenticated through a one-time secret code.

PSB customers will continue to receive perks and bonuses for its credit and debit cards. To pay using Apple Pay in stores with iPhone 6 and more new models as well as iPhone and Apple Watch SE. Also, Apple Pay allows you to make purchases in apps and on websites with one finger tap to the Touch ID.

When paying for purchases in Safari or Apple Pay works with iPhone 6 and more new models of smartphone, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and more new tablet models. Apple Pay can also be used in Safari on any Mac older than 2012 release installed on the computer system macOS Sierra. The payment is confirmed from your iPhone 6 or newer models, or directly with the Apple Watch and the touch of a finger to the Touch ID on the new MacBook Pro.

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