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Projector: Russian Periscope competitor for live broadcasts

Russian developers have released a mobile application that allows you to stream video from anywhere in the world. Projector is a new program designed to compete with the popular Periscope.

Using a video Projector in real time can watch friends and followers – a notification about the beginning of the streaming to them will arrive on the smartphone. In addition, they will have the ability to comment on videos and like them. “Likes” will show up flying hearts.

In order to start using the Projector, only the account “Vkontakte”, while to enter Periscope install mobile number or Twitter account. Users, on smartphones which is already installed application “Vkontakte”, will be able to log in Projector in a matter of seconds, they will be relieved of entering additional passwords.

The author of the video will be able to save the video on your device, you need to activate the option before the broadcast. The live video will be available for viewing during the day.

Projector will be able to determine the speed of your Internet connection, and, accordingly, to adjust the quality of the transmitted image. This gives you the ability to use the app in any place, be it a party, sporting event, or a long journey.

Provides the ability to invite friends to watch the interesting video: just click the button “Share” and link to video will be posted on the wall Vkontakte.

Today, Projector is available for devices running iOS. The release for other platforms is expected in the near future.

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