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Project “killer” from the Creator of iPhone Android lost its main investor. Perhaps, through the fault of Apple

In the beginning of this year it became known that Andy Rubin is a former top Manager of Google, who in 2003 founded the startup application creates the new company, which will release a smartphone under the brand Essential. The device shall be an alternative to the flagships of Apple, Samsung and Google.

It is now known that the main support for the startup were to receive from Japanese operator SoftBank. And support more than impressive for such a young company: $100 million because of this Essential Products would be immediately increased its market value to $1 billion.

However, new data indicate that SoftBank have decided not to support the project ruby. Officially, the reason was not called. Experts believe that the blame, oddly enough, Apple. The fact that the funds had to allocate a Fund SoftBank Vision, owned by Japanese operator. But recently, Apple agreed to invest in the Fund of $1 billion. Experts believe that the California giant SoftBank has put the condition that he will invest in the Fund only if the project Essential Products will not be supported financially.

In Essential Products Andy Rubin, Android takes the post of Director General and staff of his startup employs about 40 people — mostly former colleagues of ruby Apple and Google. For example, FOR answering a former senior Manager at Google for software Rebecca Zavin a former employee of the laboratory Google X, Kelly Liang for business development.

According to the source Bloomberg, who saw a prototype of the “iPhone killer” device made of “high quality” materials and is equipped with a 5.5-inch display “edge to edge”. In addition, the company is experimenting with the screen’s sensitivity to touch (a function close to 3D Touch on the iPhone), “industrial design with metal edges and back cover, made of ceramics.”

Is there now a future for the project, Essential, is still unknown.

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