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Production of the iPhone 8 reduced by 50%

One of the partners Apple announced that the company has reduced the number of orders for the iPhone 8 and 8+ around 50%.

The decrease in orders means that the supply of iPhone 8 in November and December may drop to 5-6 million units per month, warned Taiwanese source.

Amid these rumors, the company’s share price fell 1.5%. Bloomberg notes that after the publication dropped in price, and securities of some companies from the production chain of the iPhone. In particular, the 2.6% drop quotes ODM-manufacturer Pegatron, while shares of Catcher Technology, responsible for the production of housings for smartphones, fell by 3.6%.

According to EDN, it is the first case in the history of Apple, when the production of phones has been reduced in such a short time.

While at the jubilee pre-order the smartphone is closed, reducing demand for the iPhone 8 could be either good news for the company or bad. Pessimists will say that potential buyers do not see much difference between the new product and its predecessor, so I prefer not to be updated. Optimists will consider that the low demand for the iPhone 8 says more than is considered to be the number of customers wanting to purchase iPhone X at a high price.

Earlier this week, Gartner reported that sales of frameless phone from Apple will ensure the growth of the entire industry of smartphones next year.

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