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Processor “Baikal-T1” became Russia’s first 28-nm chip

Company “Baikal electronics has released the engineering model of the multi-core processor “Baikal-T1” with a frequency of 1.2 Hz on process technology 28 nm. This is stated in the press release of the company.

The representative of the “Baikal electronics” Andrey Malafeev said that the first 100,000 copies will be sold before the end of the year. It is claimed that they are interested in Russian and foreign equipment manufacturers. The General Director of factory “Micron” Gennady Krasnikov was told that the company is already negotiating for the production of products for the project “Baikal”.

The processor is designed in Russia, but is performed at the factory TSMC in Taiwan, where they also make Apple products. According to Malafeev, this is one of the largest manufacturers of microelectronic components. The cost of processor, and amount of the party is not disclosed.

Baikal-T1 has two superscalar cores MIPS P5600 32 r5, an operating frequency of 1.2 GHz, L2 cache 1 MB memory controller DDR3-1600. The new product provides 1 port 10Gb Ethernet 2 port 1Gb Ethernet controller PCIe Gen.3 x4, 2 SATA 3.0, USB 2.0. The claimed CPU power consumption is less than 5W, the case measures 25 by 25mm.

Engineering samples of Baikal-T1 will be available June 1, 2015. the Processor is supplied with the means of software development. Pricing is in the forming stage.

The development is commissioned by the Ministry of industry and trade since June of last year, noted “Vedomosti”. In the development of invested shareholders “Baikal electronics” “T-Platforms” and “T-Nano, which, by data “SPARK-Interfax”, is owned 75% and 25% respectively. In addition, the development went the funds allocated under the Federal target program “Development of electronic component base and radio electronics for 2008-2015”. The press service of RUSNANO said “T-Nano received 1.2 billion, but it is not known how many of them had on a new processor.

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In March Baikal electronics has signed an agreement with American Synopsis on the use of foreign companies for design automation. Then it was reported that the first samples can be presented at the St. Petersburg international economic forum, which will take place from 18 to 20 June.

Constantine Trushkin, holds the post of marketing Director in MCST – the Russian manufacturer of the processor “Elbrus”, said made in Russia electronics will certainly be more expensive compared to competitors from South-East Asia, but stressed that the added value and jobs will remain in Russia.

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