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Problems faced by users of iOS 10.2

After six months of testing, and seven beta versions, Apple finally released iOS 10.2. The update was not that significant, but includes a number of important security updates and new features, including more than 100 new Emoji. Unfortunately, the update brought a number of unpleasant bugs.

First, in iOS 10.2 present major disruptions faced by users of iPhone and iPad: spontaneous rebooting of devices, error connect to iTunes, the inability to uninstall apps, non-working Touch ID. Fortunately, this error has affected a small number of devices.

But there are more common problems. For example, many users after installing iOS 10.2 began to complain about the autonomy of their devices. Some report that the device is switched off if the battery level falls below 30%, others charge for a few seconds falls from 50% to 25%.

Back in September was fixed bug regarding headphones EarPods, which users didn’t hear anything in the headphones during a call and the microphone simply did not work. In iOS 10.2 Apple never fixed.

Speaking about the problems with the audio, it should be noted another mysterious bug – Bluetooth headset often disconnects itself from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. As it is known, is about smartphones, which do not have a 3.5 mm connector for headphones classic, as the “future is wireless”. The seriousness of the bug depends on the user environment, so in some cases it is not excluded noise while listening to music. One can only hope that the company will solve the problem soon.

I must say that in iOS 10.2 fixed a bug which was successfully used by many users. In previous versions of iOS was able to activate the “black theme”. Installing a custom Wallpaper Desk, control center, widgets and other interface elements have become dark, from the home screen disappeared dock, and icons folder is missing the background image. In iOS 10.2 this feature is not available.

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