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Private screening of the film “Steve jobs” will be held at the film festival in Telluride September 5

After the death of Steve jobs, his personality continues to gain popularity. In honor of the founder of Apple called the streets, put up monuments, write books and make films. Released in 2013 biopic “the Empire of temptation” in General was warmly received by the audience, though, and received a lot of critical feedback.

The long-awaited film “Steve jobs” in which the main role is played by Irish actor Michael Fassbender, will be demonstrated for the first time this Saturday at the 42nd annual film festival in Telluride, Colorado. According to an old tradition schedule of the shows of the festival is updated at the last moment.

The biopic will tell about the life of co-founder of Apple in adulthood. The script is based on a biographical bestseller, Peru owned by Walter Isaacson. However, the interest spurred by Aaron Sorkin, the main writer of the picture, saying that it was not the chronology of the creation of the Mac and the “ascent” of the main character. And in the film there is an element of fiction.

To work on the painting attracted a stellar cast. So, Kate Winslet will play the role of Johanna Hoffman (member of the Apple team and, in the future, NeXT). Seth Rogen will transform into Steve Wozniak, and Jeff Daniels is brought before us in the role of John sculley.

The world premiere is scheduled for October 9, 2015.

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