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Primo iPhone Data Recovery – when you need to revive the phone

Hands up who wrapped his whole life in a small box, which lies in your pocket. Through the screen is not visible, but I think that hand raised almost all – a large part of our existence now flows along the various technologies. But the phone – especially, ahem, a clear brand is a fragile thing and is completely unreliable: a couple of times on the floor, and goodbye to your collection of unique self, a million contacts, rollers with a five-year concert and saved funny pictures. There are, of course, official methods of recovery, but they don’t always work – so listen up about the unofficial. Primo iPhone Data Recovery is the perfect way to bring life back to a technique that, for various reasons, this life lost. The app supports three methods of resurrection: through the phone, iTunes backup files and backup copies on iCloud. You might ask why the second two functions, if they, like, doing regular service? In fact, even with the “savepoint” in iTunes, you will not always be able to use it – the program can do not see the phone; and many other problems happen. So let us examine all three methods in more detail.


The most obvious is to connect your smartphone to your laptop, run Primo iPhone Data Recovery and get it done. The same option and the most simple: the program will scan your iPhone, you will see that it can be brought back to life, you have marked tick (say, photos to give, and notes may go into oblivion), and that’s it – after some time, the information will be restored.

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In the second case, the procedure is similar, but with a caveat – first Primo iPhone Data Recovery will search the computer for savepoints iTunes. You can run as a normal search mode and instant action: find a backup and immediately got down to business. Further on the scheme.

Finally, if you’ve mastered cloud technology, a sin not to take advantage of iCloud. Here is exactly the same as with “mundane” iTunes – find the save point, activate them, say that you will pull from oblivion – and the program does everything.

As you know, the recovery in Primo iPhone Data Recovery works selectively: that is, to return EN masse, but you can parts. The program is able to raise the 25 types of content, including, of course, the main: photo, notes, SMS messages, correspondence, phone calls and so on. It is written in detail about how to restore notes, and here pictures. Especially good news for saltymakov: even if you do savepoints (and for good reason!), then your pictures are the program can still be fished from the light – so does the algorithm. Cause of data loss, by the way, it does not matter whether the failure to update, attempt jailbreak (of course, not the purpose to download the free app, no) or something, Primo iPhone Data Recovery in any case will do the job.

A separate point that I would like to highlight: the program interface. Looks like you’re not here to dance shamanic dances around the lifeless body of the iPhone, as, for example, play something very simple. In other words, the utility is very easy to learn, there are literally two or three buttons, and that’s it. Even for people a little familiar with software technologies.

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Primo iPhone Data Recovery exists in the trial version and paid, the second will cost 30-60 $ (depending on the version), but you will see the entire roster of the program’s features. Price perhaps a little high, but do not forget that we are talking about your life – you raised your hand in the first paragraph, isn’t it?

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