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Prices for Galaxy S8 and S8+ in Russia collapsed two weeks after the start of sales

Apple devices are characterized in that they keep the original price. Investing in iPhone and Mac can be considered the most financially beneficial. What can be said about South Korean products. If you do not hurry to buy Galaxy S8 or S8+, then did the right thing. The price of Samsung phones in Russia two weeks later dropped to 15%, and in some cases even more. Such data results in the analytical division of Hi-Tech.Mail.

If at the start of sales of the recommended retail price of Galaxy S8 and S8+ was 54 990 59 990 rubles, respectively, on the date of the lower price threshold established at 49 350 rubles (if you try, you can find cheaper) and 49 990 rubles. And there is no doubt that this trend will continue.

Lower prices for Galaxy S8 in Russia depends on the color of the smartphone. Most cheaper models of “yellow Topaz”. Followed by Galaxy S8 and S8+ color mystic amethyst, the price of which decreased to a lesser extent.

We are talking about retail in General, official price in Samsung online stores and other major retailers remain at the same level. Obvious that cheap smartphones are brought to Russia from other countries, because, on the basis of the conducted research, in Russia the prices for these models — is significantly higher.

If you managed to miraculously survive until the end of April, not knowing anything about Samsung innovations, here’s the bare facts. Galaxy S8 and S8+ externally in many respects similar to its predecessors, but the screen “stretched” in length, occupying almost the entire front panel of the device. The body is not very thin (8 and 8.1 mm), but sufficiently narrow for the screen diagonal. For example, the width of the 5.7-inch Galaxy S8 compared to 68.1 mm.

Inside smartphone 4 GB RAM, 64 GB flash drives and 8-core 64-bit processor Exynos 8895. Battery capacity Galaxy S8 is the same as S7 — 3000 mAh, and S8+ — 3500 mAh battery that is 100 mAh less than that of last year’s S7 edge. The main camera the same 12 megapixel, but Samsung modified the imaging algorithms, front — 8-megapixel.

Home button and fingerprint scanner on the front panel is not fit — key is now virtual, and a scanner arranged atypically, the right of the main camera lens.

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