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Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called the fight to Apple and the FBI “terrible dilemma”

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called a “terrible dilemma” dispute between the FBI and by Apple about the possibility of hacking iPhone and called to find a way to stop terrorist activities without intruding in your personal space. Clinton chose not to go into details and advised IT professionals to think about this.

“There must be some way to preserve privacy,” said Clinton, speaking to supporters in Michigan. She suggested that the experts will be able to withstand potential terrorist threats, without breaking the device and without leaving the possibility of hacking for hackers.

“I feel that faced with a difficult dilemma,” admitted former us Secretary of state.

Hillary Clinton previously has found itself in the center of the information scandal. Information about the use of her personal mailbox for official purposes has caused in Washington puzzling. The allies accused the Secretary of state in violation of the rules of internal security. The former Secretary of state agreed that he had acted unwisely.

Syed Rizwan Farooq and his wife Tashfeen Malik 3 December 2015 staged a shooting at the people in the conference room of the center for people with disabilities in the California San Bernardino. Were killed 14 people, injured more than 20, the gunman died. The investigation was iPhone Farouk, but the information is password protected. After ten wrong passwords inputting information on the Apple’s smartphone is destroyed. The FBI at first informally requested the Apple to help with data access on the phone of a suspect, and after the refusal appealed to the court.

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In a dispute about access to zaparoleny data on iPhone with FBI Apple has supported two groups of Internet giants, and the two companies released separate statements. The first included 17 big companies, including Twitter, AirBnB, Ebay, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Another opinion was signed by Amazon, Cisco, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Pinterest, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Yahoo. According to Reuters, the families of some other victims of the attack would support the position of the FBI.

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