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Presents wireless charging for iPhone with 5 meter range

Insufficient energy capacity of the battery still remains the number one problem when using many smartphones. Have to mess around with cables and wait until the gadget has been charged. The company TechNovator found a solution to the problem. The developers have proposed a wireless charger XE.

In November 2015 the new device will be presented on crowd funding platform Kickstarter. While he is focused on the iPhone 6/6s Plus and iPhone 6/6s Plus.

The first generation of wireless charging devices have failed to significantly simplify and accelerate the process of charging your smartphone, reports Innoros. Now technology trying to get to the principle of Wi-Fi: smartphone needs to be charged thanks to a special router that distributes the signal. It does not matter where the gadget in a bag, in a pocket or on the table. Base station, connected to the grid operates at a certain frequency and charges your mobile device remotely.

Wireless charger XE turned out to be quite powerful. It is able to send a signal at 5 meters. The farther the device is from the station, the charging process is slower. At a distance of one and a half to two meters it will take about 4 hours. Thick walls or obstacles not a hindrance, the transmission quality they will reduce slightly.

The developers claim that XE is completely safe for humans. Prior to launch was conducted a number of laboratory studies aimed at the measurement of high frequency and density of energy flow. The results of these tests confirm that the technology does not pose any danger to living organism.

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HYE owners will be able to download a special application that will allow to remotely control the system. For example, to set certain time intervals to activate or adjust the intensity of the signal.

If the development company TechNovator will receive commercial success, the market will be released new models. They will allow you to charge smartphones, tablets and laptops. The cost of the wireless device HEH not yet officially announced. But it is expected that the price of the device will be about $ 200.

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