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Presents watchOS 2.0 – a new platform for Apple Watch

Apple’s conference for developers WWDC has introduced a second version of the operating system watchOS for Apple Watch. With the release of the update to developers for the first time became accessible tools to create native apps for the smart watch.

In its current form the program are essentially an extension for the Apple Watch. All of the information they upload to the iPhone. “App to Watch complements your primary iOS app, and does not replace it. If now is the time that a user spends in the program, you measure in minutes, work with software to Watch would be counted in seconds”, according to Apple. watchOS 2.0 allows you to create fast and standalone apps for Apple Watch.

In addition, the new OS can now set your own images as the Wallpaper for the dial. Although Apple has restricted developers the ability to create custom screens, it is possible to add additional information – the so-called “complications” – the existing dials. Now by the user on the screen of the Apple Watch will display the information about flights, charge car battery, scores, etc.

Another innovation in watchOS 2.0 became “night” dial to operate the device as an alarm clock, while the gadget is charging. Virtual assistant Siri has become more functional – now he can run the screens quickly access and manage sporting opportunities wearable computer. In the Mail came the opportunity to respond to the message.

Apple has heard the requests of developers and opened access to key features of the Apple Watch: microphone, speakers, called the taptic Engine, Digital Crown, HealthKit and HomeKit. Also the watch has got the capability to play video.

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watchOS 2.0 will be available for developers today, the final release of the new platform is scheduled for the autumn.

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