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Presents the first hardware platform for “smart home” Apple HomeKit

June 2nd 2015 on sale the first devices to the system “smart home HomeKit. Two companies Lutron and Insteon announced the beginning of shipments of its own decisions with support of Apple. Three more companies — Ecobee, iHome and Elgato — will start selling its new products in July.

HomeKit is a set of tools in iOS 8 designed to control smart devices in your home. Platform for “smart home” was announced by the company last year at a conference for developers, one compatible devices on sale are still there.

“Despite the fact that the HomeKit platform is available for only a few months, we already have many partners who are willing to initiate the supply of accessories for it, and we look forward to appearing on the market the first of next month,” said Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller.

Caséta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit

Caséta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit is an interactive wireless lighting control system in the house, which allows not only to adjust the light level to get Siri a variety of information — for example, switched off the light in a particular room. The system includes also two of the dimmer switch and two remote control. The kit will cost $ 230.

Insteon Hub

The device Insteon Hub, integrated with HomeKit, you can control all the products from the line items for “smart” home from Insteon — led lamps, thermostats, outlets, cameras, door locks and so on. The Insteon Hub is available for order through the online stores Amazon and Smarthome at a price of about $ 150. In offline Apple stores novelty will be available in July.

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Elgato Eve

In the Eve lineup includes a variety of sensors (temperature, humidity, smoke, water and energy consumption, sockets and so on). They use Bluetooth and work with HomeKit system. At the moment the range of companies represented by four types of sensors — Room to track the relevant indices in the house, Weather for determining the weather outside the window, Door & Window for monitoring the status of doors and Windows (open or closed) and Energy to check energy consumption and turning off unused sources of power. Sensors are sold separately — $79,99 for Room, $of 49.95 for Weather and Energy and $39,95 for Door & Window.


“Smart” thermostat — a device to control the indoor climate. The sensors allow you to monitor the temperature in different rooms and display it on the iPhone screen. In the stores the device will be available in July, with a starting price will be $ 250. The additional sensors can be purchased for $ 80.

iHome SmartPlug

iHome SmartPlug allows you to turn any device that connects to the socket, “smart”. A key feature of the device is to enable and disable the power supply in accordance with the remote commands. Model iSP5 provides basic functionality — you can control it from your smartphone. Version iSP6 supplemented USB output to connect chargers, and iSP7 also has a remote control that allows you to control the power without the aid of a smartphone or tablet. iHome SmartPlug with support for HomeKit, you can pre-order starting June 15. Its price is still unknown.

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