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Presents Caviar Atlante Russia – gold iPhone 6s with a Russian soul

Russian-Italian brand Caviar, known for its line of “Presidential iPhone”, presented a new precious iPhone 6s Atlante Russia, which is dedicated to Russia and decorated with bas-relief of the state emblem.

Line Atlante combines smartphones on different countries. The collection also released a model inspired by China, Italy, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The body of the vehicles are decorated with images of the key attractions of the countries and their national symbols.

Working on the design of the phone, dedicated to Russia, jewelers went on a slightly different path by selecting the canonical Regal style. To create one smartphone Atlante Russia takes about 40 hours of work, requires more than 10 cutters of varying depth and thickness to perform sophisticated engravings, fully covering the back of the phone.

The creators of the iPhone 6s Atlante Russia say that, first of all, they want to offer something special for their clients that love to Express patriotism and support for his native country: “the magical, powerful, invincible Russia is in your dreams each one of us, that’s why we wanted to do something that remains forever, something beyond politics, beyond time, beyond fashion”.

An improved image of the Russian model can be called a more delicate filigree executed, the pattern, borrowed from the art of the architects of the 13th century has become so clever and sophisticated that resembles a handmade gold lace. The main innovation was the use of additional gold elements, covering the side faces of the housing, the raised pattern on them repeats the main theme, it makes the phone even more spectacular.

The inscription “Russia” and a map of the state is effectively seen through a precious ornament in the center of the panel, completes the composition of the sign with the lines of the national anthem of the Russian Federation.

IPhone 6s collection Atlante is sold at a price of 149 000-210 000 rubles depending on memory size and complexity.

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