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Presents a fitness tracker Misfit Shine second generation [video]

Together with the growing popularity of running as a “city” of the sport is growing and the number of digital devices, designed specifically for training. The company Misfit presented Shine second generation fitness tracker in the form factor of the round medallion that can be attached to clothing or worn on the body.

The design will be familiar to users Shine, presented in 2013, here are just smooth aluminum body was slightly thinner, and the diameter increased slightly compared with the first modification. 2 Misfit Shine can count the number of steps, calories burned, distance traveled, quality and duration of sleep, as well as what kind of activity you perform. In addition to the accelerometer, which was the Misfit Shine, the device also received a magnetometer.

One of the fundamental differences gadget – TEP sensor with an indicator that shows your current level of activity. All other information (Shine is able to monitor the overcome distance with the expectation of different sports: swimming, running, Cycling etc) will be available on the website and mobile application for iPhone and Android devices.

In Shine 2 uses a new touch LED capacitive screen which is more responsive to touch and swipe. Equipped with a standard battery-CR2032 tablet for hours, the tracker may work up to six months. The device can withstand immersion to a depth of 50 m.

Misfit plans to start selling Shine 2 in November of this year at a price of $100, the tracker will be available in gold and black casing.

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