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Presented the concept of iOS 10 with an updated control center, support of accounts and the new multitasking

On the eve of the announcement of the iOS platform 10, WWDC is scheduled for 2016, the network appeared the concept of the new operating system Apple. Video created by designer Ralph Theodori and demonstrates the interface of OSes that will work out of the box on the new generation smartphone iPhone 7.

As expected, iOS 10 will be markedly different from the previous version. The Network already has some information about this, although official details, of course, not yet. An independent designer has published the concept of how it will look iOS 10, which has absorbed all the best from previous versions.

Theodori offered in the new operating system to use the 3D Touch is not only for icons or applications, but also for control. Thus, the pressing force on the icons for wifi and Bluetooth control allows you to quickly switch to network interfaces. Thus, on going into settings of the operating system, you can connect to any wireless network or to establish a connection with a Bluetooth device. In addition to the 3D Touch gestures control iOS 10 will allow you to swap switches with a simple holding the buttons by analogy with applications on the desktop.

Another innovation concerns the system of user profiles. This function, as conceived by the Adrian realizes long-held dream of iPhone and iPad owners about the accounts. After you log in operating system under your account, each user will have their personal preferences.

The Camera app in iOS 10 will support QR codes, and Setting the protection using the fingerprint scanner. Going to a new OS menu, the user can hide unwanted apps from the home screen of your gadget. The designer also showed a new multitasking with support for Windows and updated the Music app and the Phone.

iOS 10, rumored, to be materially different from iOS 9, including the interface. About the features of the new platform information yet. While observers claim that we are talking about significant changes, especially as to the work involved and the specialists of OS X.

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