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Presented adapter microSD memory card for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

The company Team Group has released an adapter for microSD memory cards, designed for Apple laptops. The device is compatible with MiDrive laptops MacBook Air and MacBook Pro modules and supports up to 128 GB.

Brand Apple laptops out of the box support SDXC memory cards. New adapter Team Group allows you to use with MacBook card format microSD.

The module is positioned as a way to expand the amount of storage Apple laptops. The device is conceived as a “semi-permanent” data storage, which you can quickly and easily increase the capacity of the PC while maintaining mobility. Module installation has virtually no effect on the size of MacBook Air or MacBook Pro so that it can be kept in the laptop constantly.

For this reason, maps are available only in quantities of 64 or 128 GB. It’s also worth noting that the decision complies with UHS-1, and claimed speed read and write is 60 MB/s and 20 MB/s, respectively, which is far from record values for memory cards.

Value Team Group MiDrive yet to be announced. Learn more about the new product on the company website.

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