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Presentation WWDC 2015 for two and a half minutes [video]

At a developers conference Worldwide Developers Conference 2015, which opened in San Francisco on 8 June, Apple announced a new, ninth version of the iOS operating system, as well as the next release of proprietary desktop platform OS x, a Major update to not be named: manufacturer mostly focused on improving the existing functions with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. Cult of Mac has prepared a 3-minute video with the main points of the conference.

I must say that for a 2-hour presentation is virtually impossible to see the public of coding, like Microsoft, not heard the talk about the next billion users as Facebook, and didn’t have to scratch your head from moonshot projects, which Google likes to boast.

Even the performance of the Apple developer manages to turn in a show — by chance it was preceded by the movie stylized as the Oscar-winning “Birdmen”. This is a good sign — it means Apple still retains a sense of humor and was able to gracefully respond to the popular phrase “Apple is not the same”.

Show called “the opening of WWDC-2015” was played in many individuals, and it is noteworthy that, for the first time — in a female. But the main characters still have three platforms, around which Apple builds its ecosystem – iOS 9 for mobile devices, OS X El Capitan for computers, watchOS 2 for smart watches and music streaming Apple Music.

Video from WWDC 2015 is available to download in HD quality via the official Apple podcast channel. 3-minute video from the presentation can be viewed below.

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