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Presentation Apple has changed the lives of Russian models

Presentation Apple has changed the life of 22-year-old model from Krasnoyarsk. Kristina Litvinova and had no idea that her picture will be taken at the world conference of the American Corporation.

Describing the capabilities of the new iPad Pro Apple used to illustrate a photo of the Russian model. The girl herself admitted that she participated in a photo shoot two years ago and the photos were posted on stock sites and were available for purchase to everyone. The contract with Apple, the company didn’t sign.

“I had no idea that September 9 will occur this event, this day is very tired, so just went to bed, confesses the girl. – Middle of the night I woke my boyfriend and told what happened. And then came the calls – everywhere! Congratulated, said proud of me. It was very nice. I never expected this”.

The pictures selected in the Apple, were made a couple years ago in Krasnoyarsk. Then posted them on stock sites. And pictures in unexpected ways sold out worldwide. After the presentation, the girl has attracted so much attention. It began to fill up the letters in social networks: who was invited to the shooting, someone wanted to meet you. And one fan immediately asked her to marry me. What are you waiting for? About this beautiful dream of every wife.

“However, for me it is irrelevant, says Christina. – A young man I already have, we’re fine. He’s not jealous of me knows that it’s my job. We stare at my pictures. And he sometimes criticizes me for being too bold Carolina”.

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But in General she’s a serious girl. A month and a half ago, graduated from the agricultural University, specialty “cadastral engineer”. Passed on the right. Works as the Manager of the coffee chain.

“To the question of how my life changed after the presentation. I still rake a huge pile of messages of congratulations and offers of cooperation. And the first gift that I have managed to give,was the iPad mini 3. Of course this is not iPad Pro, but where is it I’ll get it”.

“Free time is almost there! – Christina sighs. – When falls an hour or two, love to read, watch an interesting film or TV series like “Game of thrones”. Recently read “Three comrades” by Remarque, really like this writer. Whom I see myself in five years? A young mother, I want to have kids. Most of the time. I also dream to move there, where it’s warm, in the Crimea and the Caucasus. Time will tell! And, of course, I don’t mind to work as a model abroad. If you’re a decent proposal.”

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