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Presence of Security will turn old iPhone into a home security system [video]

IPhone line every year updated with new modifications. And the devices that came before, become obsolete. After purchasing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, boasting a large screen, thin body and a top “stuffing” will arise the question of what to do with old smartphone and why do we need it?

Company Security Presence offered a ready-made solution that will appreciate the owners of mobile devices from Apple. Smartphone that is gathering dust somewhere on the shelves you can use for business, in particular for the creation of security systems for the home. Moreover, to hide them in a suitable place much easier, and their work in this mode they do not give.

To configure the system enough to download from the App Store a free app that can turn your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad into a wireless webcam with motion detection. After downloading the program the configuration process takes less than a minute.

Unlike specialized surveillance systems, the new product does not require special technical skills. All training is to install sensors and smartphone. Take advantage of the established video surveillance system is very easy – just open the app on two iPhone and iPad and enter the account settings. One of the devices will work as a webcam, and the second will play the role of monitor.

The system also includes a number of sensors. This includes sensors, fixing the opening and closing of doors and Windows, motion detectors and temperature, the moisture sensor for the kitchen or bathroom. The developers promise in future to add some more additional modules.

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Among the useful features of Presence Security developers allocate a motion detector. As soon as the system detects motion in the selected area, it automatically starts recording and immediately reports it to the user.

In order to start mass producing the kit, developers need $20 000. At the moment they have already collected about $30,000. The cost of Security Presence is 300 to 500 dollars, depending on the configuration.

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