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Prepare good coffee? Apple has a vacancy for you

Apple has opened a new vacancy for a visitors center in the Bay Area. But this time, the company needed not a developer or engineer for 3D design and Barista.

Wikipedia explains that a Barista is a Barista, an expert in preparing coffee (mostly espresso), how to make coffee (including using art latte art) or drinks based on it. In other words, is the person performing the functions of a bartender, but not with alcohol and cocktails, with coffee or drinks based on coffee.

According to the job description for a full working day, another Apple employee should have the appropriate skills and desire to constantly improve their knowledge in the field of computer science. The ideal candidate will have experience in coffee shops as a Barista or a cook; knowledge production and speciality coffees, as well as the necessary experience and operation of koffieapparaat or super-automatic coffee machines.

Applicant requested to work in the Bay area of San Francisco. The job has been open this week.

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