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Prancer put passers-by into the ears of toothbrushes instead of AirPods and listened to the enthusiasm [video]

British prankster named Julius, Dane played one of the visitors of music festivals, giving heads for electric toothbrushes for a new AirPods wireless headphones from Apple. Many were delighted with the design and sound quality of the device.

In the video published on the YouTube channel of Prancer, he approaches people and asks them to share their impressions of the AirPods, and then gives them toothbrushes.

Guests of the festival noted that the new Apple earbuds light weight, elegant design and stunning build quality”. Many girls felt toothbrushes “a stylish accessory”. “You almost don’t feel them in my ears,” rock is one of them.

In the middle of the video subject was suggested to listen to music through “headphones Apple”, although in reality the sound came from the laptop speakers one of the culprit. “I feel like I’m close to the singer,” said another girl. The guy with the beard liked that bass sound like inside his head.

AirPods headphones were presented on 7 September along with the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2. They are equipped with a unique processor, Apple W1 and can operate up to 24 hours without recharging.

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