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Practical Chinese use assistivetouch on an iPhone, to extend the life of the Home button

In iOS there is a function for people with disabilities called Assistive Touch. Explorer Business Insider claims that in China it uses the “every second” owner iPhone.

In China, where iPhones are sold in larger quantities than in the U.S., the use of “Apple” gadget has specific features. Journalist Gus Lubin on a trip to China met with the resident on the smartphone screen he saw the assistivetouch button. With her help, he worked with the operating system and applications.

The journalist said that in China this feature is used by many iPhone owners. Just because they are more comfortable. Auxiliary panel assistivetouch first appeared in iOS 5 and contains a number of additional commands to control the OS. The user can invoke notification Center, open the control center and the multitasking Panel, activate Siri, to simulate pressing the Home button.

Gus began to wonder how this information about the popularity assistivetouch true. He started asking other users and found that the function is actually included in most of the Chinese and people in other Asian countries. But many people use it not because it’s more convenient, and in order to prevent the wear and tear of the Home button.

By the way, assistivetouch allows you to work with iPhone and iPad, and in the case of complete failure of the buttons. To cause the auxiliary panel under Settings –> General –> accessibility –> AssistiveTouch.

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