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PQI iConnect Mini: world’s smallest flash drive for iPhone 128GB [video]

The company PQI has announced the creation of “ultra-compact” flash drive designed for Apple mobile devices — iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets. iConnect Mini has dimensions of 44.6 x 12.6 x 8 mm and maximum capacity of 128 GB.

The storage device is provided with two connectors, the Lightning to directly connect to iOS devices and USB 3.0 for data exchange with personal computers. PQI calls his keychain the smallest in the world.

Management PQI Mini iConnect is controlled by one button. In automatic mode the drive can copy a multimedia data from a smartphone or to backup files. Using the fingerprint scanner Touch ID, the user can protect the stored on the drive information from unauthorized access. Generally flash keychain provide several degrees of protection: Touch ID, Lightning Lock and USB Lock.

iConnect Mini is available in versions capacity of 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB. PQI names the following performance parameters drive: read speed up to 90 MB/s, writing speed — 20 MB/s.

To purchase a key FOB is possible on the indicative price of up to 119,99 59,99 USD.

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