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PowerUp: the “smart” in a world adapter for MacBook

One of the main complaints about the MacBook and MacBook Pro — the presence of one of the USB connectors. Yes, this connector allows, by means of adaptors to connect to devices in virtually anything. But these accessories are still expensive, and secondly, take up too much space and thirdly, the MacBook Pro is positioned as a device for serious work. That is the tool for the job, and the latest generation of Apple laptops significantly restricts the user’s possibilities.

That MacBook owners still needed an additional adapter once again confirms the campaign to raise funds for the gadget PowerUp. A few days collected nearly $70, 000, with a requested $25,000 and in stock for another month.

PowerUp is a power adapter with a power of 60 W connected to the port via the USB C. According to the developers, the product must replace the stock power supply Apple. The device is equipped with USB 3.0 ports, so is the power adapter not only for MacBook but also a charger for three devices. In fact, the buyer does not lose PowerUp nothing, but in the set only gets ports.

PowerUp is not just a power adapter, but a full-fledged hub for MacBook. Connecting the charger to the laptop, you can work with data on USB flash drives, external drives, sync the iPhone/iPad, etc. According to the manufacturer, the product is able to charge the iPhone and tablets up to two times faster than standard adapters.

PowerUp dimensions are 8.2 cm x 8.2 cm x 2.9 cm with a mass of 210 g. It is available in two colour variants – white and black. The cost of the device after release will be $99. Supporting the campaign you can still buy a PowerUp for $69. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in July of this year.

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