Powerbeats Pro comes in vibrant spring colors

Apple plans to introduce Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones in bright new spring colors, including pink, blue, yellow and red. Information about this came from one of the users of the Chinese social network Weibo.

Powerbeats Pro comes in vibrant spring colors

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According to a Chinese source, the announcement of Powerbeats Pro in new colors will take place in the very near future. In addition to color, they will differ from the original Powerbeats Pro model, which debuted in April 2019, is not specified.

Recall that now Powerbeats Pro is available only in black, dark blue, as well as ivory and moss. These are muted shades, which is why consumers will definitely like the appearance of new rich colors. Earlier on the Web, rumors appeared that Apple would release the Powerbeats Pro 2 wireless headphones. This will be only a small update to the current generation of Powerbeats Pro.

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