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Power: application for monitoring the charge level of your iPhone with the Apple Watch

One of the main advantages of the Apple Watch – the function of delivering notifications from your smartphone, thanks to which, there is no need every 5 minutes feverishly to get the mobile out of his pocket. With “smart” clock hand can not worry that you’ll miss important e-mail or message. However, there is one “but” – now on the iPhone have to watch much less and sometimes you do not know how much is left of the charge on the internal battery of the smartphone.

The creators of the app Power took care of that. Of development is able to send notifications with information about how to charge an iPhone on a wearable computer. As a result, the chance to be in a situation where a smartphone at the most inopportune moment disconnected from a full discharge, tends to zero.

“Thanks to the Power you can in real time to know the battery level of your iPhone with a single tap or swipe on the screen of the Apple Watch. Using hours the program will notify you of when the smartphone battery is discharged or fully saturated electric juices, even if you are in another room,” describe the application developers.

In order to monitor the battery of the iPhone, simply install the program and add it in the “Review” Apple Watch app on your smartphone. As the discharge of the smartphone, it will send the appropriate notifications. Power will notify the user when the battery of the smartphone will be at the next level: 100%, 95% – 85%, 55% – 45%, 25% – 15% and 10% – 0%.

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With the Power on the smartphone can be viewed even less often, keeping calm about the level of its charge. The app is available in App Store for 59 rubles.

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