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Postknight – the postman in shining armor

We’ve learned that the main characters of role-playing games usually are people of heroic professions: knights, bounty hunters or treasure hunters. Yet we’ve learned that usually these projects are extremely ambitious: a hundred hours of gameplay, with a ton of quests, non-linear history and things. But here’s the opposite – you will play as a normal (well, not quite), the postman, and the whole game is just a dance around of a few buttons.

It all starts innocently enough: some bearded fellow otrajaet you need, they say, to carry to another village. Nothing to do – you pack your bags, pick up the sword, shield, and run headlong. However, a dangerous path embellished with a long chain of enemies: the evil wolves, bandits and some monsters are not asleep. You click on the icon of the attack, and the hero boldly brandishing a sword; the wolves fly into pieces. Then click on the icon of the shield and other teeth break off on the protection. After a couple dozen seconds, the route – letter is delivered to another village, but there was some correspondence…

The beauty Postknight in that it reveals a couple of minutes you explain how it all works (very simple), and you start to play. However, to draw to the bottom for a long time – in the game the basic rules, but many nuances. For example, timings: attackprotection is turned on, and then put on pause; in those few seconds, while the function is not available, you need the best to protect themselves. Which, of course, difficult – the speed high, and don’t know when to get to the head, but then to turn the shield on (suddenly ahead will be even more long phalanx of enemies), and when to defend, you must immediately. Room to maneuver and strategic alignment are many: you can experiment with the timings, weapons and other Pribluda.

And for this it is advisable not to forget about the passes between the villages – where you can upgrade your weapon skills, buy new potions to the next voyage to the next village as comfortable as possible.

Postknight looks quite simple, but with style: loose paint anime-style shade of some technical infirmity – the graphics are certainly not cutting-edge, and “taxis” through the pictures. But more is needed: it’s just a fun, albeit with strong elements of role-playing projects.

Here and shareware monetization, which applies game: at the start you will not be asked, and then, of course, can be pressed against the wall and politely ask to give, for example, gold coins. You can not give in to provocation, but then runs along the villages will be more difficult.

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