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Portable battery charge iPhone EcoFlow 7 to 60 times

The Chinese company announced EcoFlow super powerful portable battery capable of charging the battery of the iPhone 7 about 60 times. Novelty called River has the battery on 116 000 mAh battery and weighs about 5 kg.

In a statement EcoFlow says that an external battery River can replenish your laptop battery about 10 times, mobile — 50 times, and a GoPro camera — about 80 times. It is argued that River is superior to competitors in the face of Anker Powerhouse (434 WH) and Goal Zero Yeti (428 WH).

In particular, the River keeps the battery 100% charge even when not used. Also the product is able to operate in conditions of very low and high temperatures (-20 to 60 degrees Celsius).

During testing, the 50-watt model with a solar panel in cloudy weather in Northern Europe, the battery from 9% to 100% charged about 40 hours. The manufacturer promised time from 10-15 hours.

The device went on sale for about $460.

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