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Pornhub has imposed for Russian users mandatory authorization through Vkontakte

Pornhub added for the Russian users of mandatory age check. Now before you visit the site, you must specify your account “Vkontakte”.

Practically, this means that a visit to the website from Russia may be accompanied by the collection of personal data of people who view porn. Although pornoresursy and social network to declare that nothing but the age of the users does not interest them.

“This site is not intended to be shared with persons under the age of 18 and strictly intended for the sole personal use. This measure is only to confirm your age, we do not use or store your personal information,” the message reads Pornhub.

Pornhub representative acknowledged that the authorization through Vkontakte is required to ensure that the resource, which in Russia is already forbidden, avoided new locks. Russia is the only country in the world where Pornhub ascertain the age of users by using authorization through the social network.

Age verification on the website existed before, but it was less rigid. To enter the user needed to specify the day, month and year of his birth, more information was not.

According to experts, Russia has actually introduced a safe site Pornhub passport. To log on to the website, the user must log in via Vkontakte, thereby confirming that you are of legal age. To have a social network account, the user must specify the phone number to register legally which is possible only on the passport.

To control the age of the users have offered himself to Pornhub. “It was the most effective and simple way to ensure compliance with Russian laws on access to adult content. This is a simple and safe solution to demonstrate compliance with the requirement of 18+,” – said the representative of the porn site.

Members of the Pornhub community in “Vkontakte” did not approve the innovation. They invited the developers to ask the visitors pornoresursy authorization through public Services.

In the autumn of last year, Pornhub has been blocked in Russia for the dissemination of pornography. Judge Vladimir Panasenko, who took the decision to block, said he did not remember all the circumstances of the case, but suggested that Pornhub was not a child. In April of this year, the case was sent for retrial, the resource is unlocked, and it appeared the window with the requirement to enter date of birth of the user.

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