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Popular service Le VPN is now available for iPhone and iPad users

One of the largest VPN providers VPN Le became available to users iOS. Download app Le VPN is available for free on iPhone and iPad.

App Le VPN allows you to surf the net with a greater degree of confidentiality at any time and in any place. In particular, with this program you can effectively protect yourself from threats associated with being in a public Wi-Fi. Each time, connecting to an open Wi-Fi network, users become vulnerable to potential attackers who can quite easily obtain access to personal data. In the mobile version, Le VPN a higher level of protection of personal information implemented using the most modern security Protocol IKEv2.

This ensures that personal information intact even in an unprotected Wi-Fi networks. In addition, by using Le VPN, users can easily get access to your favorite content unavailable in the country or region of residence.

According to Le VPN, a service has a very distributed geography of host servers: users from more than 800 servers based in 114 countries around the world. This helps to ensure the highest level of protection and reliability of the service, and to provide the widest choice of geographical locations for a VPN connection.

After you install Le VPN on your iPhone and iPad can be free to test the service for 7 days. While not required to provide any payment information and does not automatically charge after free period. After Le VPN will be activated on the iPhone or iPad, the service will become available to users on other devices, including desktops.

Service Le VPN is available for installation on desktop (Windows/Mac) and mobile platforms (Android/iOS), and provides full service support for Russian language.

More information about Le VPN you can find on the site

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