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Popular service Le VPN became available to Russian users macOS

VPN service Le VPN, one of the largest VPN providers, from March 20 became available to Russian users macOS. It allows you to connect to the Internet with a greater degree of confidentiality, in particular protecting the owner of the Mac when in public Wi-Fi.

Each time, connecting to an open Wi-Fi network, users become vulnerable to potential attackers who can quite easily obtain access to personal data. Le VPN a higher level of security is implemented using the security protocols OpenVPN and L2TP.

Each time you connect to the Internet to automatically select and use a Protocol that provides security and performance. In this case, the user will not have to worry and constantly check the connection with the VPN server. Le VPN allows you to set automatic reconnection to the server as well as disconnect from the world wide web, if such a connection is lost. This ensures that personal information intact even in unsecured wireless networks.

By using Le VPN, users can also get access to your favorite content they can’t view in a country or region of residence. Thanks to the technology HybridVPN, just select the server of the country where the content is interesting, and you can watch movies and TV shows.

After activation the technology HybridVPN in service settings, all requests for geolocation of the user will begin to run through the tunnel to Le VPN and then using their own servers SmartDNS. This combination allows you to unblock access to content and to maintain a high speed VPN connection.

According to the developers, today Le VPN has the most distributed geographic placement of servers: users are available for more than 700 servers located in 114 countries around the world. The service is available for installation on desktop (Windows/Mac) and mobile platforms (Android/iOS).

After installing and logging in to the account of the service Le VPN you will be able to simultaneously activate VPN on any two devices (desktop or mobile).

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