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Popular iPhone: named the best selling in the history of the phone

The best-selling mobile phone in the world called Nokia 1100. The device is sold around the world in the amount of 250 million units and was present at the market for five long years, which is not typical for modern equipment.

Every year Apple beats the previous sales record of iPhone. This year for the first week sales of 13 million iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which is one third more than the iPhone 6 last year. However, neither the iPhone nor other modern smartphones even comes close to the performance legendary Nokia 1100. This model was presented in 2003 and left the market in 2009. it had become a billion Nokia phone that it sold in its entire history.

Nokia 1100 contain very little opportunities, even by the standards of the time, but due to its indestructibility and autonomy, for five years, has sold a quarter of a billion such devices. The phone was a four-line monochrome screen, otobrazhatsya 96 × 65 pixels, built-in flashlight, non-slip coated housing with removable panels, dust-free keyboard and preinstalled game “Snake”.

Memory Nokia 1100 was allowed to store up to 50 contacts and the same number of messages (25 inbound and 25 sent). From a removable battery capacity of 850 mAh it can work up to 400 hours in standby mode and 4.5 hours in the talk mode. Nokia 1100 cost about $ 100.

Thanks to the combination of its characteristics, the Nokia 1100 has become not only the best selling phone in history, but also the best-selling consumer electronic device.

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