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Popular app Meitu to become “cute” was accused of collecting personal data

Experts in the field of information security found that has gained popularity the app to turn into a “cute” Meitu is a danger to the privacy of users. For a chance to get the original photo you want to grant access to personal data and many functions of the smartphone. In addition, the experts found a suspicious code in the program and warned anyone who wants to turn into a nymph or some other amazing creature — to be careful.

As told to Jonathan Zdziarski, Meitu collects data both on iOS and on Android. In the case of the iPhone service first checks if the mobile jailbreak, and also get the hardware ID and the cellular operator. Experts believe that this data is the app’s creators sell third-party companies that engaged in advertising.

In addition, Meitu is requesting permission to place a call. The purposes for which required this function in the photo editor, is unknown.

Another expert under the name FourOctets, reported that after installation, the app sent your phone IMEI to several servers in China. The IMEI is used to track devices and blocking stolen phones at level of the operator.

App photo editor Meitu was established in 2008. At the moment it was installed more than a billion users. In Russia, the service became popular only in January 2017.

Using the editor, users can retouch their own or someone else’s photo in the style of anime heroes. In addition, in an application built many tools to improve the quality of the images.

To protect themselves, Android users have to download the application check list of required permissions. Or they can choose in system preferences to allow a particular application — for example, you can close the program provided earlier access.

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On iOS to manage permissions in the iOS settings. In addition, when you first try to access, say, to the microphone, the iPhone sends a notification which asks permission.

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