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Poll: why to jailbreak in 2017

At the end of December 2017, increasingly began to appear the news of the release jailbreak the particular iOS version. Edition MacDigger decided to figure out why people hack their own mobile devices in the modern world.

At the dawn of the iPhone users do jailbreak for several reasons:

  • to enhance the functionality: to configure the open your favorite apps using Touch ID to adjust the screen brightness, add interesting widgets;
  • to change the appearance: round icons, new themes and different icon size;
  • to get free apps.

In 2017, all these arguments seem a little strange. The features of iOS 11 is very wide, to set up your iPhone according to your taste can be almost any user, and install cracked apps, buying a smartphone for 70 000 rubles and more, was kind of weird. Especially when you consider that the App Store has a lot of good free offers, many paid programs are free to use during the trial period, and during periods of stock the most popular applications you can purchase at a significant discount.

With the obvious cons:

  • for the lack of updates through the App Store
  • unstable,
  • security risk — it is not known whether to run the device after jailbreaking and you will not get the user data to attackers.
  • hacked gadget on the market for used smartphones is much cheaper

the popularity of such devices is reduced.

MacDigger’s why the editorial staff decided to ask readers:


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