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Poll: why didn’t you buy AirPods, despite the positive reviews online?

This week Apple CEO Tim cook spoke about the runaway success of wireless headphones AirPods, although sales figures did not name. The start of sales of the device for technical reasons was postponed several times, but on 13 December the company started official sales.

The cost of new items in Russia is 13 000 rubles, and the package includes a special cover, which is a portable dock for the device, as well as Lightning cable.

On the question of why Apple did not created a unique design for AirPods is to say that the wired headset EarPods introduced with the iPhone 5, created a very long time, very smart people. The task was to make the headphones suitable for millions of different ears. The job is done and now EarPods can be seen all over the world to millions of people. Devoid of ear tips, these headphones are convenient and versatile solution for any Apple products.

The majority of investigative resources to test AirPods, evaluate the device were generally positive: the headset stylish design, it is convenient to use and it has a great battery life. At the same time to expect from the AirPods good the noise canceling is not worth it. Also some users confused the cost of a wireless headset Apple, although a number of analogues, the same from The Headphone Bragi are almost twice as expensive.

And why didn’t you order AirPods for your iPhone / iPad / Mac? In the comments you can Express your opinion about the wireless headset from Apple.

Why didn’t you buy AirPods?

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