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Poll: do you use Night Shift in iOS? Plan to use in macOS?

This week Apple released the first beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.4 for developers, which will be available to all Mac owners in the coming months. Any major changes the update is not in itself, but at least one important innovation in it is still present: Night Shift for correcting the color temperature of the screen at certain times of the day.

For the first time this feature has appeared in iOS 9.3. It makes colors on the screen iPhone iPad and more enjoyable for evening or night work at the computer. By the way, recently a similar feature was added to the preview build of Windows 10 and soon to be available to all users desktop operating system from Microsoft.

On the iPhone and iPad feature Night Shift, as it is known, works as follows: it will enable you to set the time between sunset and sunrise, or to schedule manually with accuracy to the minute.

The user can choose how warm is the color temperature during operation of the function — the higher the rate is, the more orange it becomes the color palette. Moreover, manually Night Shift on iOS can be activated even during the day. Most of these features are now available and in a similar way on macOS.

However, it is worth noting that the owners of the Mac and MacBook and before I could adjust the color temperature of the screen — however, third-party ways. In particular, a small company f.lux released a self-titled app with the same functionality, and it is still available to users — indeed, among them it is quite popular.

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And you will include Night Shift on your iPhone or iPad? Plan to use on the Mac?

Do you use Night Shift in iOS?

Do you plan to use Night Shift in macOS?

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