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Poll: do you buy the “smart” column with the HomePod?

After the release of the Amazon Echo and Google Home Network persistently circulated rumors that Cupertino is working on its own smart speaker with a Siri support. During the opening of WWDC 2017 Apple confirmed this information by submitting a new wireless device for the home called the HomePod. 10 years later after the failed launch of the audio system iPod Hi-Fi in Cupertino decided to try again. In the face of the HomePod, the company intends to re-invent your home entertainment system with smart technology.

Apple focuses on excellent sound quality and ease of listening to music. The product in the enclosure height slightly greater than 15 cm feature was developed by company extra large upward subwoofer for clear and deep bass reproduction, as well as a special unit of seven directional speakers with their own amplifiers for high-quality transmission of high frequencies. According to the journalists, who managed to listen to the HomePod, sound is really impressive.

HomePod uses technology orientation in space to determine what part of the room it is located and on the basis of your location and adjusts the sound. For the operating system and audio processing meets the processor Apple A8.

Apple offers to subscribe to Apple Music to get through HomePod access a collection of more than 40 million tracks. The speaker has other smart features like the analysis of musical tastes and preferences of the user, to acquaint the latter with new, potentially interesting performers.

Of course, there are also voice control. Moreover, due to the presence of six microphones promised quality recognition of commands spoken even from the other room with loud music. HomePod also serves as a personal assistant: use your voice to send messages, news, weather and information on sport events and to manage the components of Apple HomeKit.

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At risk if the HomePod to repeat the fate of the iPod Hi-Fi? Unlikely, although the device and there are a number of claims. First of all the product announced long before the launch: the launch will take place in December, and initially only in Australia, the UK and the USA. Unlike analog device attached to the socket because the built-in battery in the Apple did not foresee.

There are claims and to price the device. While on this subject there is already a comment from the head of Apple. “If you remember, when we introduced the iPod, many said: “Why someone will pay $399 for a MP3 player?” When the iPhone was announced, it was the same thing: “Someone is going to pay for an iPhone?” iPad went through the same thing,” said Tim cook.

Unlike the iPod Hi-Fi new column Apple has more chances of success, but doubts about the widespread popularity of the device remain. Hardly HomePod will become the same popular device like iPhone or AirPods. According to a recent survey only one in three users showing interest in the new product. Moreover, among users of Apple technology potential buyers more – about 50% of users considering buying smart column.

HomePod is still in the process of being finalized. Apple told only about support for voice assistant Siri, HomeKit controls, as well as integration with music Apple Music service. Perhaps after the start of sales of the novelty will be able to interest a large audience of users. But don’t think HomePod has a chance to become a separate line in the quarterly report of Apple along with the iPhone and Mac, not to be lost in the “Other” category with Apple TV, Apple Watch and AirPods.

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