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Police in Thailand busted a click farm of 500 iPhone and 350,000 unused SIM cards

Thai police stopped the activities of a group of Chinese developers, which has organized a click-farm of five hundred iPhone.

Police raided a house where three Chinese organized a click-farm, on hundreds of smartphones Apple. In the room on the huge racks they put 474 iPhone 5s, iPhone 5C and iPhone 4s. The device was connected to computers and operated.

Initially, the police found that illegal immigrants have created a fraudulent call center, because during the search was discovered almost 350 000 SIM-cards of local operators. But later it turned out that they manage a wide network of bot accounts in the mobile services. In a month they received around $4500 for that raise in the ranking of online goods sold through the WeChat app.

Chinese arrested for overstays, working without permission, the use of unregistered SIM cards and smuggling. According to various estimates the men could face a fine of several thousand dollars, and five years in prison.

At the moment the police finds out how illegal immigrants managed to smuggle so many iPhone in the country and to procure such a number of SIM-cards.

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