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Polaroid calls the new Swing application “a revolution in the world of photography”

Polaroid announced the release in the App Store a new app Polaroid Swing, which enables users to create and share interactive photos with their phones. New camera for iPhone the company calls “a revolution in the world of mobile photography”.

The Swing application was the result of a partnership between the Polaroid brand and the technology startup from Silicon valley, led by one of the founders of Twitter, BIZ stone.

Swing Polaroid pictures capture the second moments that come alive when touching them or tilting the phone. They combine compositional quality traditional photos with the energy of all life on earth, say the developers.

Optimized for Polaroid Swing camera technology includes an improved smoothing algorithm of frame providing increased quality “interactive photo”. First time users will be able to “reply” on images Polaroid Swing text or emoticons.

The Russian supermodel and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova, who became one of the first investors Polaroid Swing, said: “I Confess that I formed an emotional attachment to the Polaroid — in the course of my career I had the opportunity to work with many legends of photography. Polaroid Swing has a truly magical property, capable of making a real revolution in the way of capturing fashion.”

As told in Polaroid, Apple decided to introduce the Polaroid Swing in retail stores around the world to showcase the new iPhone. During his election race, Hillary Clinton created her own account Polaroid Swing to establishing contact with voters, born in the late twentieth century.

Download Polaroid Swing free in the App Store at this link.

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