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Pokemon Go was accused of obtaining full access to Google accounts and movement history of users

Game Pokemon Go, over the weekend turned into a real social phenomenon, was accused of obtaining full access to confidential information. Developers without the knowledge of the players can use the data from mail, photos and other information those who are logged in to the game with Google account.

The problem, mainly related to iPhone owners, drew the attention of the employees of Red Owl. According to them, selecting the authorization in Pokemon Go through a Google account, the user provides the creators of the game Niantic Labs full access to it. The game does not warn about it.

Theoretically, on the company’s servers (and if they had access to the attackers, and not only) could get mail, browsing history in the Chrome browser, from Google images, Pictures and any other data stored on the servers of the company confidential user information. Moreover, the application retrieves the rights of this info to modify.

To limit the game access to confidential information, you must go to this link, click on the line with Pokemon Go, and then click “Uninstall”. Then enter the game again, most likely, will not work, but not rasagullas, you can continue to play.

Niantic Labs — until 2015 owned by Google, the company that developed the game says it’s too large right Pokemon Go the error that will be fixed soon. While Niantic is working on an update of the game client.

However, many have already developed the whole conspiracy theory — like, for Niantic can stand the resources of the venture Fund of the CIA, admitted in turn, from the National geospatial intelligence Agency (NGA). Is the US government Agency, whose task is to ensure military, government and civilian users ‘ data, imagery intelligence and mapping information.

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According to the author of conspiracy theories, the fishers of pokemon, without knowing it, are agents of the NGA. When the need is urgent to obtain information about any point in the world (a global launch Pokemon GO not far off), it will be enough just to place it in the game rare pokemon and after a few minutes to obtain images of the terrain camera of the smartphone players.

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