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“Plus or Minus”: unusual quiz for Apple Watch

The App Store has a new free game “Plus – Minus”, in which you can play on Apple Watch. The novelty will please both the youngest lovers of quizzes and true connoisseurs of the genre.

According to the structure of the game is reminiscent of many familiar quizzes in a series of “Yes or No”, “True or False”, “Believe it or Not with two answer options. But here the similarity ends. In the “Plus – Minus” all issues are obviously erroneous. And this error always in numbers, but you need to define more or less the real number and depending on this to press “+” or “-“.

In the game waiting for the questions of different difficulty levels to suit every taste and color. The most diverse subjects – arts & science, sports, geography, history and religion, music and movies, records and unique achievements. And this is not a complete list. If the answer to any problem, you can use hints or ask your friends for help via the social network Vkontakte or Facebook. Thus, regardless of whether correctly or not you answered correctly, you will receive a detailed answer to the question.

To play the “Plus or Minus” can not only alone, but also against real opponents online, and the players rating system to gauge the depth of your knowledge compared to other players. However, the creators of the quiz are strongly advised to first go through all the questions yourself before you start intellectual battle with other players.

As already mentioned, the argument in favor of a new game: quiz “Plus or Minus” is available not only on the usual Apple gadgets – you can play it on Apple Watch. All questions and answers are readable even on a small screen hours.

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Download “Plus – minus” is available for free at this link.

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